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Venom Ferrofluid Speaker

Venom Ferrofluid Speaker

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Experience audio like never before with our Ferrofluid Speaker. Its strong Bluetooth 5.1 signal ensures uninterrupted connections with a wireless range of 80ft, linking effortlessly to all your devices. Enjoy up to 8 hours of playtime with the portable and long-lasting lithium-ion battery, perfect for outdoor activities and on-the-go entertainment.


  • True 360° Stereo Sound
  • Immersive Bass Experience
  • Stunning Metallic Pearl Gray Finish


Indulge Your Senses

TikTok viral loud speaker symbiote

Connect with Bluetooth

Sound gets visualized

Prepare to be amazed by the true 360°Stereo Sound and rich bass that brings every song to life, replicating the atmosphere of a live concert. The sleek metallic pearl gray lacquer surface not only looks elegant but also resists scratches, ensuring a pristine appearance even after extended use.

The Ferrofluid Speaker goes beyond just sound—it creates a mesmerizing music visualization experience with its magnetic fluid. Watch in awe as the fluid dances and changes shape with different music rhythms, providing both a visual and auditory feast that will leave you spellbound.


Unmatched Audio Delight

Magnetic ferrofluid speaker Bluetooth

Elevate your audio enjoyment with the Ferrofluid Speaker's shocking bass stereo effect, delivering distortion-free sound even at maximum volume. This speaker is the perfect gift for your loved ones, offering a captivating audio experience they will cherish for years to come.

Step into the future of sound with our Ferrofluid Speaker. Order now and embrace the ultimate audio journey that will redefine your perception of music.



  • Power supply: 12V
  • Is there a built-in battery: yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Bluetooth detection: A2DP/AVRCP
  • Receiving distance: 25 meters
  • Number of speakers: 2
  • Size: 25*22*22CM
  • Weight: 4KG
  • Output power: 50W
  • Full power life: 8 hours
  • Lighting: warm white



Q: Does the Ferrofluid Speaker support Bluetooth 5.1?

A: Yes, the Ferrofluid Speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, providing a strong and stable signal even in challenging conditions. It offers a wireless range of up to 80ft and can seamlessly connect to various Bluetooth devices, including laptops, phones, MP3 players, iPhones, iPads, personal computers, and TVs.

Q: How long is the battery life of the Ferrofluid Speaker?

A: The Ferrofluid Speaker boasts a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime. This makes it perfect for outdoor activities or extended listening sessions without worrying about recharging frequently. Its portable design ensures you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere.

Q: What is the special feature of the Ferrofluid Speaker?

A: The Ferrofluid Speaker showcases a unique and mesmerizing magnetic fluid sound visualization. This feature reacts to different music rhythms, creating stunning visual patterns and shapes that sync with the audio, delivering an immersive and captivating experience. The 3D deep bass adds an extra level of excitement, producing clear and distortion-free sound even at maximum volume.

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