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Ultrasonic Racoon Repeller

Ultrasonic Racoon Repeller

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Presenting a groundbreaking answer to protect your garden against bothersome wildlife - the Solar Powered Racoon Repellent


  • Scares animals without hurting them
  • Motion Detection
  • Completely safe for humans
  • Works 24/7


Solar powered animal repeller

Efficiently deter Raccoons and various animals such as squirrels, deer, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, cats, dogs, foxes, pigs, birds, and virtually any other species that could potentially harm your grass, backyard, garden, ponds, or farmland.


Human-friendly and environmentally conscious

You can have peace of mind knowing that this ultrasonic animal repellant is completely safe for both humans and the environment. It does not cause harm to animals, but rather serves as a deterrent. This non-toxic device boasts a premium design that ensures absolute safety and harmlessness.


Premium Design

Ultrasonic Racoon Repeller parameters

The repellent features a waterproof design, allowing it to withstand rain, snow, and any weather conditions. Equipped with solar panels, it operates continuously, day and night.


How it operates

Utilizing motion-activated technology, this device releases ultrasonic waves for a brief period of 2.5 seconds. These waves are carefully calibrated to startle animals without causing them any harm. By emitting sound at a frequency only audible to animals, it incorporates a built-in PIR motion sensor capable of detecting even the slightest movements within a 110-degree radius and up to 30 feet away. While in standby mode, the solar animal repeller springs into action as soon as an animal enters the designated area.

Note: Although this device is effective against all animals, this particular version is optimized for maximum effectiveness against Racoons.


  • Weight: 300g

Package Includes

  • 1x Ultrasonic Racoon Repeller Pack


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Solar Powered Raccoon Repellent harmful to animals?

A: No, the device is completely safe for animals as it emits ultrasonic waves designed to startle them without causing harm.

Q: Can this ultrasonic animal repellant be used around humans and pets?

A: Yes, it is human-friendly and does not pose any risks to pets. It is non-toxic and environmentally conscious.

Q: What is the range of the motion detection feature?

A: The device has a motion sensor with a 110-degree radius and can detect movements up to 30 feet away.

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