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RGB 5050 Strip Light

RGB 5050 Strip Light

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If you are looking for a versatile and colorful lighting solution for your home, office, or party, look no further than the RGB 5050 Strip Light. This flexible and easy-to-install LED strip can create stunning effects with 16 million colors and 28 dynamic modes. You can control it with a remote, a smartphone app, or even your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant.


  • Remote control
  • App control
  • Waterproof 
  • Cuttable and linkable
  • 16 million colors


Why choose RGB 5050 Strip Light?

RGB 5050 Strip Light is not just a simple lighting product, but a smart and creative way to transform your space. You can use it to decorate your bedroom, living room, kitchen, TV, desk, stairs, or any other place you want. You can also use it to create a festive atmosphere for Christmas, Halloween, weddings, or parties.

RGB 5050 Strip Light is compatible with various devices and platforms, so you can easily control it with your preferred method. You can use the 44-key IR remote to adjust the brightness, speed, color, and mode. You can also use the Smart Life app to set timers, sync with music, and create custom scenes. Or you can simply use your voice to turn it on/off, change the color, or set the mood via Alexa or Google Assistant.

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