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Reusable Water Balloons

Reusable Water Balloons

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What is Water bomb ball

These hot toys are a must for those warm summer pool party days. One of a kind underwater play and for creating your own swimming pool games

When the weather is at its scorching best, The kids just wants to stay inside the air-conditioned house, but you want to have an outdoor party.

Water balloon games are the answer!

water balloon games are the perfect choice to tempt the kids outside and away from any screens!

Everyone loves to get wet and in the midst of summer heat, you can dry off so quick, so it’s the perfect solution.

Soon all the neighborhood kids are going to wish they were invited to the part and will want to join in the fun! Imagine the giggles and laughter of all the kids as they anticipate the water busting out of the water balloon.

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This water balloon pack lets you fill the reusable water balls in 1 second. All you need is a water source! Begin your water bomb game now!



Unique magnetic self-sealing technology means the water ball can refill in just 1 second when immersed in water,no tying hassles about filling the ballons.



Made by soft quality silicon,being reusable it's safe around animals, Stop wasting time cleaning up tiny pieces of rubber.The grenade-like ball's soft skin means it'll explode on contact without injury.


Why choose us

These pool balls are available in orange、blue、green、yellow 、rose red and white clolors, unique contrasting colors and pattern on the ball making them look very beautiful and delicate; Moreover, when you play these balls, they can quickly attract people's attention.



The perfect swimming pool toys that can be used as therapy toys and even stress relief toys. Can be used as beach party decorations, placed with rubber ducks, super soakers, as bathtub toys, and beach toys for kids.Pair these fun sports balls with other novelty toys, pool toys, water gun, and birthday party favors.


  • Material: Soft silicone
  • Color: Bule/Green/Orange/Pink/Yellow/White

Package Includes:

  • 1× Reusable Water Balloon Pack (Colors are distributed equally for each pack)
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