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Lovely Sanrio Slippers

Lovely Sanrio Slippers

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Step into comfort and cuteness with our Sanrio Slippers! These house slippers feature your favorite Sanrio characters (Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Pompompurin & My Melody). Treat your feet to a playful and comfortable experience.

Step into a realm where every moment at home becomes a joyful retreat with our Sanrio Slippers – because your feet deserve nothing but the best.

  • The slippers feature a comfortable fit and easy-to-wear design.
  • Say goodbye to ordinary slippers and embrace the charm of Sanrio.


Details of Slippers




To care for your Sanrio Slippers and keep them looking their best:

  1. Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap for small stains.
  2. Air-dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight or heat sources.
  3. Regularly dust plush or fabric slippers with a soft brush or cloth.
  4. Check care instructions for machine washability, if applicable.
  5. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  6. Handle slippers with care, avoiding excessive pulling or tugging.
  7. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for specific guidance.


Our Cute Sanrio Slippers



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