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Live Audio Listening Device with GPS

Live Audio Listening Device with GPS

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 Listen to other's conversations anywhere in the world

Video explanation: After putting the sim card into the listening device, the device was placed near a TV producing the sounds heard in the mobile call. The instruction manual will show you how to set this up

Note: The audio quality of the saved audio is better than the live audio. Live audio quality is dependent on the current mobile network signal, while saved audio doesn't use mobile network.


It has everything!

  • Live audio listening
  • Saved audio recordings
  • Voice activated recording
  • 4G network



Upload recordings to Cloud or SD card

Voice activated recording whenever someone speaks. Save recordings to SD card or upload to cloud storage using the app.




Hide the listening device in the most creative spots you can think of thanks to it's magnetic feature 

Precise tracking

Supports full-featured positioning, WiFi positioning, LBS positioning, GPS positioning, and intelligently selects modes according to location conditions to achieve energy-saving, fast and accurate positioning. 

High Definition Street Map

High-definition street map allows you to find the location of an old car faster and more accurately in an unfamiliar environment.

Safety Zone Exit Alarm Notification

Your phone will be alerted here when the car enters or leaves a safe area. You can track the vehicle without opening the app. High-definition street map allows you to find the location of an old car faster and more accurately in an unfamiliar environment.

SOS emergency button

When the elderly or children are lost and in damage, press and hold the S O S button for 3 seconds and release it, and the host will actively call the emergency bell to alarm.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: about 42*26*15mm/1.65*1.02*0.59in
  • Recording area: 80 square meters
  • Positioning method: GPS/WIFI/LBS/AGP
  • Memory support: 16GB TF card (not included)
  • Support frequency: 2G~4G
  • Case memory: 1024 m
  • Positioning time: 20 seconds
  • Battery capacity: Polymer (500 mAh)
  • Standby time: 12 days, working time 4-6 days
  • Charging input: voltage 5V
  • Working temperature: -20-85℃
  • Packing size: about 105*75*40mm/4.13*2.95*1.57in

Package Includes:

  • 1× Live Audio Listening Device with GPS
  • 1× Power Cable
  • 1× Manual
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