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"Always had trouble growing my lawn until I found this treasure." ~ Henry Diego

Liquid Lawn Sprayer Hydro Mousse

Liquid Lawn Sprayer Hydro Mousse

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Our revolutionary solution guarantees the best possible and long-lasting results while being cost-effective. As a result, you can effortlessly cultivate the lawn of your dreams. Simply relax and witness its development in as little as a week.

Grow an attractive lawn with minimal hassle

Given the significance of grass in enhancing the aesthetics of our homes, it's no wonder that many of us dedicate considerable time to achieving a lush, green lawn.


Advanced grass growing technology

Recognizing that not everyone can dedicate time to regularly mow, water, and fertilize their lawns, we have created the perfect solution.


Mousse Liquid Grass Spray

Apply our premium grass seed to your lawn through spraying. This technique involves a blend of grass seed, water, fiber mulch, and additional components such as fertilizer, effectively distributing the seed into the soil.

This slurry mixture can also be used to enhance existing lawns with sparse grass coverage.

Liquid grass seed is particularly useful for areas with exposed, steep slopes or large expanses of bare soil.

Seed Coating Formula

Each bottle of seed coating formula contains a liquid solution that can cover an area of up to 100 square feet.


  • Protects the soil from erosion caused by heavy rainfall.
  • The mulch in the hydroseed promotes natural moisture retention in the soil.
  • Hydroseeding can be more cost-effective compared to other methods, depending on the lawn size.
  • Promotes consistently robust grass growth.


  • Pack of Liquid Formula
  • 1 Sprayer of Household Seeding System Liquid Lawn Seed Spray

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