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Liquid Formula Packs

Liquid Formula Packs

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Perfect for:

  • Large Areas
  • Dog Areas
  • High Traffic Areas


 Add liquid & Seeds into a bottle

Consider the application of this nourishing solution as a method akin to "coloring" your yard using a combination of water, fiber mulch, and additional substances such as fertilizers. Our distinctive combination of components will swiftly yield the verdant grass you've envisioned, all without the inconvenience associated with conventional lawn maintenance techniques. Although this blend does not contain seeds, it can still provide nourishment to your lawn and promote accelerated growth. Following the spraying process, it is recommended to water the area 2-3 times per day. Bid farewell to the exasperation of uneven development and unsightly brown patches, and welcome a lively and thriving lawn.



100 square feet each

Each seed coating formula bottle contains a liquid formula that will cover up to 100 square feet

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