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Flying Butterfly Jar

Flying Butterfly Jar

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The "Animated Butterfly" Jar is a magical gift that brings a touch of nature to your home. This jar contains a realistic butterfly that flutters and flies inside the glass. You can activate it by tapping the jar or making a noise, and watch it come to life. The butterfly is powered by batteries and has an automatic standby mode to save energy. The jar is made of high-quality glass and has a gold lid with a label that says "Summer Collection".


  • Realistic butterfly
  • Sound and touch activated
  • Battery operated
  • Glass jar with gold lid
  • Various colors and designs


Why buy this product?

This product is perfect for anyone who loves butterflies, nature, or novelty items. It can be used as a decoration, a toy, or a stress reliever. It is suitable for people of all ages and genders. It can be given on any occasion, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise. It is a gift that will bring joy and wonder to the recipient.

The "Animated Butterfly" Jar is easy to use and maintain. You just need to insert three AAA batteries (not included) and tap the jar or make a noise to activate the butterfly. The butterfly will move for around 90 seconds, then go back to sleep. You can also gently shake the jar to make it stop. The jar is made of durable and non-toxic materials, and the butterfly is made of soft and flexible materials. The product does not harm any real butterflies or the environment.

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