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Artificial Flame Torch Solar Light

Artificial Flame Torch Solar Light

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Are you looking for a way to add some festive flair to your outdoor space? If so, you might want to check out these artificial flame torch solar lights. These lights are designed to mimic the realistic flickering of natural flames, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for your garden, patio, pool, or yard. They are also powered by solar energy, so you don't have to worry about batteries or wires.


  • Solar-powered and eco-friendly
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to install and use


Features and Benefits

These artificial flame torch solar lights have many features and benefits that make them a great choice for your outdoor decoration. Here are some of them:

- They have 12 LED bulbs that produce a bright and realistic flame effect. The flame color is warm yellow, which can create a romantic and inviting ambiance for your guests. - They have a light sensor that automatically turns them on at dusk and off at dawn. You don't have to manually switch them on or off every day. They can work for up to 10 hours after fully charged by the sun.

- They are made of high-quality ABS plastic and IP65 waterproof material, which can withstand rain, snow, and sun exposure. They are also resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring a long service life. - They are easy to install and use. You just need to insert the stake into the ground or mount the base on the wall. No wiring or tools are required. You can adjust the height and angle of the lights according to your preference.

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