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3d 2024 Calendar Memo Pads

3d 2024 Calendar Memo Pads

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Are you looking for a creative and unique way to keep track of your schedule and notes? If so, you might be interested in the 3D Calendar Memo Pad, a stunning product that combines functionality and beauty. This memo pad is not just a regular calendar, but a 3D art piece that reveals a romantic sakura tree as you peel off the pages.


  • Calendar with LED light
  • 2024 Updated
  • Record reminders and decorate your desk


Why choose the 3D Calendar Memo Pad?

The 3D Calendar Memo Pad is more than just a calendar. It is a DIY handmade gift that has collection value and commemorative significance. You can enjoy the process of tearing off the pages and watching the sakura tree grow and blossom. The LED light adds a touch of charm and romance to the scene, creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

The 3D Calendar Memo Pad is also a practical tool for recording and reminding important things. Each page has a date and a space for writing notes. You can use them as bookmarks or stick them on your wall or fridge. The unique design of the memo pad will grab anyone's attention and make your notes stand out.

How to use the 3D Calendar Memo Pad?

The 3D Calendar Memo Pad is easy to use and requires no assembly. It comes with an acrylic box that protects the memo pad from dust and moisture. You can place it on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you like. To turn on the LED light, simply touch the switch on the base of the memo pad. The light will create a beautiful glow around the sakura tree.

To use the calendar function, just tear off one page per day from the top left corner of the memo pad. You will see the date and a blank space for writing notes on each page. You can also tear off other pages from different parts of the memo pad to reveal different shapes and colors of the sakura tree. The memo pad has enough pages to last for one year, so you can enjoy the 3D art all year round.

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