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  • Signal - Waterproof Black iPhone 12 Magsafe Case
  • Deep dive waterproof black case magnetic IP68
  • Waterproof phone case Magnets support Magsafe charging
  • Magnetic phone stand waterproof phone case
  • Phone cover wireless charging magnetic Magsafe
  • IP68 waterproof Magsafe case
  • Waterproof magnetic wireless charging iphonecase
  • iPhone 12 waterproof wireless charger phone case IP68
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Waterproof Black iPhone 12 Magsafe Case

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This signal black iPhone 12 Magsafe Case has IP68 waterproof rating. IP68 means it can be submerged 5 feet underwater for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, this phone case also has magnets that snap onto magnetic wireless chargers. Comfortably shoot awesome underwater videos.