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Water Bottle Retractable Dog Leash

Water Bottle Retractable Dog Leash

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You walk for a long time with your dog and when you are thirsty you cannot find water and water bowls everywhere. This is every pet owner’s problem. Our friends will not be thirsty anymore with this wonderfully thoughtful water bottle collar designed so that these sweet friends do not get thirsty!

Bullet Points:

  • One traction rope, 4 in 1 function, super convenient to go out, meet all the needs of all outdoor dog walking
  • Automatic retractable traction rope
  • With collapsible silicone bowl
  • The handle is hollow inside, you can store dog food, snacks, etc.
  • With exclusive holes for garbage bags, you can store garbage bags.

    How to Use (Step by Step) :
    1.Attach Leash To Dog
    To start using your Leash, attach its steel safety catch to your dog’s collar and hang onto the leash’s handle, which is attached to the built-in water dispenser.
    2.Offer Drink When Needed
    Pulls the built-in water bowl off one side of the leash and fill it with water from the built-in dispenser. Place the bowl somewhere on the ground near your dog so that they can have a drink, and when they’re done, attach it to your Leash again.
    3. Scoop Waste
    In the event that your dog needs to go to the bathroom, grab a waste bag from the built-in bag dispenser located on one side of your leash, near the handle. Scoop your dog’s waste into the bag with your choice of utensil (you’ll need to carry that separately) and then hang the bag from your leash’s built-in hook.
    4.Return Home
    Return home and dispose of the used waste bag you’ve been carrying in your trash. Detach your dog’s Leash from its collar by undoing the steel safety catch, and store the leash somewhere safe until you need to use it again.

    Package Contains: 1x Multi-function Dog Leash

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