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Universal Interchangeable Charger Adapters

Universal Interchangeable Charger Adapters

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Stay connected wherever you are! Universal Interchangeable Universal Charging Adapters allow you to charge any device with one simple adapter. With charging adapters with various interchangeable plugs, it makes international travel easy and convenient. Our lightweight design is also perfect for travelers who want to keep their gear light and portable. Forget to bring multiple chargers; This one universal charging adapter protects you!



Color: Black.
Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber.
Size: As Shown.
Output Tip 1: 6.0*4.0mm
Output Tip 2: 6.3*3.0mm (Toshiba 15V 3A/4A/5A/6A)
Output Tip 3: 5.5*2.5mm (IBM/Asus/Gateway/BenQ 19V 3.42A/19V 4.74A) 
Output Tip 4: 5.5×2.1mm for Compaq Laptops.
Output Tip 5: 5.5×1.7mm for Acer and Sony laptops. (Acer 19V 3.42A)
Output Tip 6: 4.8×1.7mm for Asus laptops. (HP 18.5V 3.5A/18.5 4.9A) 
Output Tip 7: 4.0×1.7mm for Asus, Acer, and Sony laptops.
Output Tip 8: 3.5×1.35mm for Sharp and Dell laptops.
Output Tip 9: 5.0×2.5mm for Liteonit, Fujitsu, and HP laptops.
Output Tip 10: 6.0×3.0mm for Toshiba, NEC laptops.
Output Tip 11: 6.3×4.0mm for Sony, Fujitsu Samsung laptops.
Output Tip 12: 7.4*5.0mm (pin inside, FOR DELL PA10 PA12 PA6 19V 3.34A/4.62A, (HP 18.5V 3.5A/19V 4.74A)       
Output Tip 13: 6.5*4.4mm (pin inside, Sony 19V 4.7A/ 19.5V 3.9A)
Output Tip 14: 5.5*3.0mm (pin inside, Samsung 19V 3.16A)
Output Tip 15: 4.5*3.0mm (Blue Tip With Pin Inside, For HP/COMPAQ 19.5V 3.3A)
Output Tip 16: 7.9*5.5mm (pin inside, IBM/Lenovo 20V 4.5A)

What’s in The Box:
1x Universal Interchangeable Universal Charger Adapters

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