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TPE Holes Pillow

TPE Holes Pillow

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3D honeycomb sleep black technology. relieve stress and protect the neck and sleep comfortably?

  • Composition: TPE
  • Fabric: Knitted cotton
  • Specification: 35*52*10/8cm

Weight: about 4KG Decompression of the head and neck, innovative hollow honeycomb shape soothes the cervical spine, and evenly relieves pressure. Soft waxy Q bomb, the rebound of 0.16 seconds dynamically fits the sleeping position. Fully washed at 360℃, the whole body can be washed clean and safely. Permanent anti-oxidation, stable and durable performance.TPE technology new material, extraordinarily fine and soft elastic, turning over more smoothly.

The wavy curve supports soothing and no compression. Wave-shaped ergonomic design, durable, fits the shoulder and neck curve, supports the head and neck in multiple angles, and breaks down the pressure. Save the normal traction curve of the cervical spine and enjoy 8 hours of healthy sleep.0.16 seconds for instant high resilience, curved surfaces fit, and even release head pressure. "Auto-sensing" matches the neck curve and fits tightly, allowing the pressure on the head and neck to be fully released.

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