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Terahertz Blower Wand

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The Terahertz Blower Wand is a handheld unit that emits blue light and Far Infrared Light which is able to penetrate the body and body tissues to energize, rejuvenate, detoxify and eliminate toxic cells. The terahertz frequency matches the same frequency cells within the body and is lined with a quartz crystal inner tube and blue light therapy. 

Various inflammation:

Rhinitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, gynecological inflammation, prostatitis, etc.

Various pain points:

Shoulder and neck pain, arthralgia, lumbago, headache, dysmenorrhea, sciatica, etc.

Various blockages:

Meridian obstruction, lymph, obstruction, varicosity, diabetes and hypertension.

Skin Beauty:

Acne, acne scars, blemishes, anti-aging, beauty, various skin diseases, etc

Full Body Care

Rejuvinate your skin from head to toe with a wand that's safe and effective for use across your whole body.

Soothing Stimulation

This is a magic wand for wellness. It applies soothing heat and UV light to the skin which increases circulation and provides instant relief

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