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Smart Digital LED Music Alarm Temperature Clock

Smart Digital LED Music Alarm Temperature Clock

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The time is ticking, and the alarm clock is ringing. It’s time to wake up, but you’re still in a deep sleep. The sun has risen, and the birds are chirping happily-it’s a new day! The temperature outside is cold, but your room feels like an oven because of how warm it is inside. This clock is perfect for any person that loves to be on time. With this product, you can set the alarm and wake up every morning with music playing at your desired volume. The Smart Digital LED Music Alarm Temperature Clock is a product that has been designed to help you keep track of the time, date, and temperature.

Weekday Alarm Clock: 5days / 7days alarm standalone switch Suitable for various work demands, helping you plan your life and work productively.

Support Battery & USB: The desk alarm clock has excellent battery life. Built-in 2400mah high capacity Battery. You only need to charge for 5 hours to use it for about 30-60 days.

5 Level Brightness & Convenient: The alarm clock has 5 levels of brightness, 20%, 40%, 60%, 0%, and 100%, 5 levels of brightness adjustment. Comfortable company every night, you can manually adjust the brightness. It protects your eyes at night and saves energy. 12 or 24-hour system can be changed. This led clock has a memory function; all settings will be remembered.

Bedside Alarm Clock & Wall Clock: Besides being placed on the table, it can also be hung on the wall for visual enjoyment, and the big numbers can be seen clearly. Two holes are thoughtfully designed for wall mounting behind the clock.

Intelligent Voice Control Function: If the ambient noise reaches 90 decibels or slightly knock, the desktop on which the alarm clock is placed can awaken the clock display and be off after 6 seconds.

40 Tunes Classic Music Ringtones & 4 Levers Alarm Volume: You can choose comfortable alarm ringtones to bid farewell to a single boring alarm ringtone. LED Bedside clock is equipped with 40 different ringtones. The volume is divided into four levels, allowing you to set the most comfortable level. There is no need to worry about the loud sound that annoys you or is too slight to wake you up from deep sleep.


  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Weight: 220g
  • Length: 35mm
  • Width: 265mm
  • Screen Type: LED
  • Type: Alarm Clocks

Package Includes:

1 x Smart Digital LED Music Alarm Temperature Clock

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