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Portable Foldable Mini Iron

Portable Foldable Mini Iron

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Wireless portable, accompanying ironing, compact and lightweight, suitable for business travelers, less entangled in the first line, wireless power storage design.

Easy to carry – Small size, light travel, lightweight design, you can put down your backpack, take it and go without delaying the time to go out.

Quick to use – heating in 10 seconds to make beauty more efficient, heat conduction in 10 seconds, the strong high temperature instantly smoothes folds, that is, ironing and wearing, the beautiful and efficient, overheating system automatically cut off power protection, safe and safe to use.

The indicator light is on when the temperature is lower than 100°C, and the temperature is automatically heated, and the indicator light is off when the temperature is higher than 100°C, and the temperature is automatically reduced.

Triangular tip design – The triangular tip shape front section can accurately iron small areas. The front end of the heating plate is designed in a triangular pointed shape, which can be used for delicate flat ironing of buttons, plackets and other difficult-to-iron areas, and the details are also perfect.



Using Size: 153x70x99mm / 6×2.75×3.89inch

Storage Size: 158x78x38mm / 6.22x3x1.49inch

Material: Ceramic bottom plate

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