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Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Introducing MER-MAID, the effortless solution to a sparkling clean toilet! Drop it in your tank, and let it work its magic with every flush for up to 3 months, saving you time and effort.



  • Easy to Use
  • Sustained-Release Technology
  • Visible Cleaning Action


Effortless Cleaning, Visible Results

Easy to use Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

MER-MAID is your secret weapon against hidden filth and tough stains. Its ultra-strength cleaning solution breaks down residue, leaving your toilet fresh and pristine. Say goodbye to scrubbing!


Long-Lasting Freshness

Blue means it's working

With each flush, MER-MAID goes to work, ensuring up to 3 months of continuous freshness. Save money on frequent cleaners and heavy-duty scrubbers, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your toilet stays clean.

Get MER-MAID for every bathroom in your home – master, guest, and kid's toilet. Its compact size makes it easy to use. Remember, when the water is blue, MER-MAID is working for you!

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