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Long Distance Couples Bracelet

Long Distance Couples Bracelet

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just a simple touch, your partner's bracelet will light up and vibrate,
no matter the distance.  Each touch means "I am thinking of you". 

Express yourself personally with different colors, touch vibration intensity, and more!
Every vibration will move to your loved one's heart, mind, and soul.

Make Your Vibration Meaningful

Express your love by sharing sweet pictures, videos, audio, and text with your partner. once your partner touches the jewelry, a surprise message will pop up accompanied by the jewelry’s vibration and light up.

Make Your Vibration Emotional&Colorful

Express rself personally with different touch vibration intensities and diferent love signals(thinking of you, love you) with personalized
colors. With only one touch, your partner's bracelet will vibrate and light up the color you set and feel your love.

Make Your Vibration Valued

Feel valued through every call from your loved one. Add (up to 3) important contacts in App, each time you get a call from them, your totwoo jewelry will vibrate and light up.

connected with every interactive vibration and light up between two in totwoo app. Also, set a special date to light up and vibrate the customized color on that day and feel closer than ever before to meet with your loved one.

The Most Fashionable Bohemian Design Elements - Sun and Moon!
Sun and Moon are eternal existence in the world, let us like the sun and the moon, never separate.

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