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Laser Slingshot

Laser Slingshot

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This is not your average slingshot! The High Power Telescopic Laser Slingshot is perfect for anyone looking for an edge in the hunt. With a powerful telescopic lens, you can easily take down prey from a distance. And with a built-in laser sight, you’ll never lose your target.

Metal slingshot head + aviation aluminum telescopic rod, high quality, solid and durable.

The long rod increases the stability of the slingshot, which is very suitable for novice players.

Three-level telescopic, stronger pulling force, easy to carry.

The long rod telescopic slingshot can be used with a laser to hit the target accurately.



  • Material: metal slingshot head + aviation aluminum telescopic rod
  • Range: 30m
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Length: 30-72 cm
  • Stretch length: 72cm,
  • Slingshot head width: 85mm
  • The inner width of the bowed head: is 42mm,
  • Handle material: ABS
  • Handle length: 10cm
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