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Hydroponic Garden Plant Food

Hydroponic Garden Plant Food

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1、Improve Overall Health: Available nutrients adds quality mineral content to plants and turf, increasing plant immune system and improving overall health.
2、Provide Important Nutrients: This nutrient solution can promote plant nutrient absorption efficiency and root growth, enhance cold resistance, drought resistance, and insect resistance, and provide important nutrients for your plants in the key early growth stages.
3、Improve Soil: It can improve soil fertility, improve soil quality, eliminate endogenous toxins caused by pesticides, and increase the utilization rate of other nutrient fertilizers.
4、Applicable Plants: Hydroponic Garden Plant Food is suitable for all agricultural and gardening trees, bonsai landscaping and gardening plants.
5、100% Satisfaction: If you have any questions, you can tell us at any time. Our 24-hour online service is happy to answer your questions.


Product name: soilless culture nutrient solution
Material: Liquid
Capacity: 100ml/bottle
Size: 12*9.2*4.5cm/4.7*3.7*1.8in

Instructions for use:

1L water, proportioning 5ML nutrient solution A+5ML nutrient solution B
2L water, 10ML nutrient solution A+10ML nutrient solution B

3L water, 15ML nutrient solution A+15ML nutrient solution B

Packing list:

Soilless cultivation A fertilizer* 1 bottle
Soilless cultivation B fertilizer* 1 bottle


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