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  • Ash Grey Leather iPhone 11 Magsafe Case
  • Magnetic wireless Charger iPhone 11 Magsafe Case grey
  • Camera protection iPhone 11 Magsafe Case grey
  • Grey iPhone 11 Magsafe Case magnetic wireless charging
  • Qi wireless charging magnetic iPhone 11 ash Magsafe Case
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Ash Grey Leather iPhone 11 Magsafe Case

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The ashes from the volcano is playing the wind. Some fear, some love, and some simply enjoy. But do not be afraid, with our grey leather iPhone 11 phone case inspired by an ash storm, you can have the pretty part of it without any harm. And as the case offers Magsafe, your phone will work perfectly with magnetic wireless chargers.

This soft grey phone case will protect your camera and the edges of your phone. No more worrying about scratches. It has been tested with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max. You can use this beautiful iPhone case for years and still have it looking good as new. One of our customers has had theirs for over a year and it still looks elegant. 

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