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Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

Double Layer Cat Litter Mat

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Tired of constantly getting cat litter stuck under your feet when the cat is dragging it all over the house? Our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is here to solve that problem!

Thanks to the unique double-layered honeycomb design, it collects 80% more litter than normal, barely-there mats that catch minimal litter.

100% ECO-friendly, Odor-resistant & BPA-free - Say Goodbye To Endless Cat Litter Everywhere!

The Waterproof Cat Litter Mat boasts a double-layer structure, which includes a non-slip bottom that is impervious to liquids like water and urine.

The honeycomb design of the top layer efficiently collects the litter that falls off your cat's paws, which then passes through to the second layer instead of being scattered across the room. This makes it simple for you to empty the litter back into the box for reuse.

Eco-Friendly & Gentle: Our mats are made from soft, lightweight, and non-toxic EVA materials that are safe for your cat's paws.

Easy to Clean: Dump litter into the box and wash the mat with water or vacuum it.

Non-Slip Base: The mat stays in place throughout your cat's daily activities.

Durable & Washable: Our mats are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials that are easy to clean.

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