Magsafe Magnetic Pop Socket for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 3

Magsafe Magnetic Pop Socket for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 3

With the release of many Magsafe accessories, one which has caught the attention of many is the Magsafe pop socket. Pop Sockets have been a huge trend for quite some time, and magnetic pop Sockets are a newer trend. You can use a magnetic pop socket for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 / 3.

Magsafe Magnetic Pop Socket

This magnetic pop socket has Magsafe functionality. It comes in both white and black color. This means that it will magnetically stick onto the surface of an iPhone 14, 13, or 12 series phone. The Magsafe magnetic pop socket can be used on the Z Flip 4 or Z Flip 3 as long as you have a Magsafe Case. 

Z Flip 4 or 3 MagSafe case

Z flip 4 Transparent Magsafe caseZ flip 4 clear Magsafe case

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 / 3 Magsafe cases make your Z Flip 4 and 3 compatible with the magnetic absorption of Magsafe accessories. The case itself has been designed to fit snugly around your phone, protecting it from bumps and drops while also allowing you access to all ports, buttons, and cameras on your device

If you're looking for a case that's not only durable but also magnetic, then the Z Flip 4 / 3 Transparent MagSafe Case is something you should consider. This protective cover features inbuilt magnets that allow it to attach easily to any surface or metal object so as long as they are flat, round, or smooth in texture. It's also waterproof and shockproof so your phone will be safe from any bumps or drops that may occur during normal use. The case itself has a soft touch finish which makes holding onto it comfortable when using one hand; this feature makes it ideal for those who want something simple yet effective at protecting their smartphones from harm without needing other accessories such as screen protectors or covers which would add bulkiness onto their device!

Combine the Magsafe Case with the Magsafe magnetic pop socket

Magsafe Magnetic Pop Socket

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MagSafe Case Z Flip 4 / 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Magsafe Case

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Combining the two products into one is the way to go. You put the Magsafe case on the Z Flip 4 / 3 then you slap the pop socket to the back of the case. The case magnetically absorbs the pop socket giving you the ability to grip your phone using the pop socket.

The Magsafe magnetic pop socket has multiple purposes: It can be used as a kickstand for your Samsung phone and it can also be used to wrap your cable around it.


Hopefully, you found this article useful in helping you understand exactly how you can use a Magsafe Pop Socket for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 / 3 and other Samsung phones. The pop socket comes in both white and black color. 

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