Best Massage Gun Made in USA 2022

Best Massage Gun Made in USA 2022

Massage guns have been around for quite a while now. Sorting out which massage guns are the best could be challenging. Looking at the features can make it easier to make a good buying decision. If you live in the United States then buying a massage gun that's made in the USA will be a good idea. 

Not only do massage guns promise to help relieve your sore muscles, but they can help improve circulation and your range of motion after tough workouts.

lcd muscle massager BUY NOW

This Luxandluxy massage gun is made in the USA. Because of this, you can get FREE shipping for this product if you live in any state in the United States of America.

Gear 1 to 6 is for muscle arousal. Gear 7 to 12 is for a relaxing massage. Gear 13 to 18 is for lactic breakdown. Gear 19 to 24 is for a professional massage. Gear 25 to 30 is for deep physiotherapy.

How to Set Up the Massage Gun

How to install massage gun set up

This massage gun comes with up to 6 different heads. So the first thing to do is install the head. After that, you find the switch and turn on the battery. The LCD screen will now show the different controls.


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