The best power bank for traveling and charging smartphones

There are many issues a traveler might experience concerning their devices. The most pressing issue is battery drain. You might be taking a hike in a country you have never been to before, then your eyes are set upon the most beautiful landscape. You suddenly remember that you might never see this sight again. The only idea that comes to mind is to capture it. You left your camera back at the hotel, so your last resort is to slide out your phone to open your camera app. Then it suddenly hits you. Your battery is dead. The next action is to take your power bank. But that's dead too. This sort of scenario is experienced by travelers all around the world. To avoid this you will not only need a power bank but one that lasts long. Meaning it would charge your device multiple times. The best power bank for traveling would require a 10,000 mAh minimum.

Wireless Magnetic 10,000 mAh Power Bank

This 10,000 mAh power bank is both magnetic and wireless. It's called the PRO battery pack. Here is a power bank that makes traveling convenient for you and safer for your devices. It's light enough to carry in your pocket and still feels comfortable. Take this with you on the plane, at the airport, on the beach, in the cab, or to the highest mountain tops. This battery pack is designed to keep your favorite devices charged anytime and anywhere. The main features that make it stand out are its lightweight, high capacity, wireless charging, and magnetic capabilities.

Wireless charging

If your power bank doesn't have wireless charging, this can be an issue. You might be taking a hike and your phone falls into the water. You quickly take it out just to see that it survived. The battery has been low for some time and you choose to charge it with your cable power bank. A few minutes later, you realize that your phone's charging port has been destroyed and no longer working. This is because cable charging a wet phone leads to it getting spoilt. With a wireless power bank, this wouldn't happen to you. A wet phone can be wirelessly charged with no issue. The PRO battery pack helps you to charge your phone whether it's wet or dry. Its wireless charging delivery goes up to 15W. Expect your phone to be fully charged in less than an hour. Fast charging is also very safe because it has overcharge protection and over-discharge protection. Another reason why this is the best power bank for traveling is that its Qi-certified. This means it can wirelessly charge any device with Qi wireless charging enabled.

Magnetic Stickiness

Think of a situation where you have a wireless power bank that isn't magnetic. You like the idea of not bringing a cable along with you, so you leave your hotel without it. Your phone battery gets low in the cab, so you place it on your non-magnetic but wireless battery pack. At any slight stop or turn of the taxi, your phone slides right off the power bank. And at any speed bump, your phone flies off the power bank and onto the car floor. Even after leaving the cab, you walk with your fingers wrapped around your phone and power bank. You then notice that both devices start to overheat. Anymore charging and they could both receive severe damage. This is because of the friction caused as they slide against one another. The only way to stop the sliding and to keep a power bank attached to your phone by getting a magnetic one. The PRO battery pack is magnetic. So you can expect it to stay in contact with your phone as long as you place it onto its back. There will be no friction between devices, so they wouldn't overheat. 

The PRO battery pack would only stick to phones that have magnets also. So it's able to stick to the iPhone 12 and above due to its Magsafe magnetism. The battery pack also comes with an external magnet attachment. This attachment has a round shape and is black. It is used for phones that do not have wireless charging. In this case, the external magnet has attached to the back of your phone or phone case.