Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone X and Xs

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone X and Xs

Charging your phone is an age-long issue that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Batteries are improving as technology advances. Your smartphone under light usage might last up to 8 hours which usually can get someone through a whole day. This makes it convenient to charge at night while asleep. The problem is that for heavy users that time is cut short. Your smartphone might end up going from full to dead in only 3 hours due to GPS and bright screen use.


Heavy users need an extra battery to get them through the day. This is why power banks help make life simpler. The issue that comes with power banks is the reduction of convenience. They are heavy and require a cable. That is of course until wireless power banks. A wireless battery pack makes it possible to carry it around with you without the inconvenience of a cable. Carrying around is a phrase that keeps popping up because the people who use GPS the most are people who are moving around an unfamiliar location. These are usually travelers. Additionally, being outdoors under the sun makes it harder to see your phone screen, so your phone would need to be on the brightest setting which drains the battery.

Wireless power banks are an advantage but the issue is that they can easily slide off your phone. The solution to this is magnetic wireless power banks. Magnetic wireless power banks make it possible to attach your phone to a wireless battery pack securely. Now it becomes possible to walk around with your phone being charged wirelessly and also not sliding off the charger. Magsafe from Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 made it mainstream to use magnetic wireless power banks on your phone. This was because Apple manufactured these iPhones with magnets inside them.

Now it's obvious that with the introduction of Magsafe wireless charging to newer iPhones, the older iPhone users would also feel the urge to partake in such new technology. The good news is that LuxandLuxy has made this possible. Even though older iPhones like the iPhone X don't have internal magnets, external magnets can be placed on the phone.
Magnetic case for iPhone X and Xs
An iPhone X magnetic case can be put on your iPhone X to make it magnetic to the magnetic wireless power bank. Magnetic cases can also be used on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Additionally, LuxandLuxy has made magnetic cases available for iPhone 11 phones, iPhone 8 phones, and iPhone SE. The convenience of using a magnetic case is far more than that of sticking a magnetic sticker on your phone.

Aside from the magnetism, the case has enhanced camera protection which is 0.2mm higher than the edge of a normal camera lens. It protects your phone from scratches and also keeps it looking beautiful. The magnetic case itself is pretty so it allows your phone to maintain a good look while you conveniently use different magnetic wireless charging accessories such as magnetic wireless power banks, magnetic wireless charging pads, magnetic wireless charging docks, and magnetic wireless car phone mount chargers.

The Mini magnetic wireless battery pack is a power bank that has Magsafe wireless charging capabilities. This means that it will properly magnet to and charge the iPhone 12 and 13 phones without any additional accessories needed. But when using the Mini battery pack to charge your iPhone X, you will need to have a magnetic case to have the magnetic feature. Note that even without a magnetic case, the Mini battery pack will still charge your iPhone X.

This Mini magnetic wireless power bank comes with a magnetic plate once you order the iPhone X variant. This makes the checkout process very convenient for you.
So what are you waiting for? Order your magnetic wireless power bank here at LuxandLuxy.

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