Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone 8 / SE 2020

Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone 8 / SE 2020

When Apple brought out Magsafe wireless charging in 2020 this sparked an interest in the rise of magnetic wireless chargers. Magnetic wireless chargers are a new trend that is taking the world by storm. Some of them being the magnetic wireless car mount and the magnetic wireless power bank.

A magnetic wireless power bank can bring a lot of conveniences especially to people who travel a lot. This is because it can hold onto your phone even if you are walking around with it. Imagine not having to carry along a wire with you when charging your phone during transit. Travelers engage in high battery usage due to the use of GPS because they are always looking up their location and destination. They also increase their phone brightness to the highest to see it when under the sun. Some switch on their Bluetooth to listen to music with their Airpods. When you consider all these factors you'll see that the battery consumption of a traveler is much higher than that of someone staying at home. This shows the need of being able to charge your phone with a magnetic wireless power bank such as the Pro battery pack by LuxandLuxy or the Mini battery pack by LuxandLuxy.

iPhone 8 or SE 2020 magnetic case

The problem that iPhone 8 and SE 2020 users face is that a magnetic wireless power bank requires the phone to also has a magnetic surface. iPhone 8 doesn't have a magnetic surface so LuxandLuxy created a magnetic case to combat this issue. The magnetic case can directly attach to the magnetic wireless power banks like the Pro battery pack and Mini battery pack by LuxandLuxy.

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2020 have the same shape and size. This is why a case that fits the iPhone 8 also fits the SE 2020. The magnetic metal inside the case isn't magnetic itself. All it does is attract the Magsafe magnet that is in the LuxandLuxy power bank.

How many times will it charge your iPhone 8 or SE 2020
The PRO battery pack is 10000mAh and the Mini battery pack is 5000mAh. The iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 have equal battery capacity.
The mini battery pack can charge an iPhone 8 two times.
The mini battery pack can charge an iPhone SE two times
The Pro battery pack can charge an iPhone 8 four times.
The Pro battery pack can charge an iPhone SE 2020 four times.

How to use the LuxandLuxy power bank on iPhone 8 or SE 2020
Step 1: First you need to bring out your phone, the LuxandLuxy power bank, and the magnetic iPhone 8 case.

Step 2: Cover your iPhone 8 or SE with the iPhone 8 case. Once the case is on your phone, you have made your old iPhone into a Magsafe wireless charging compatible phone.

Step 3: Press the on button on your LuxandLuxy power bank. Once the four lights go on you'll know how much charge the power bank is currently holding.

Step 4: Snap the charging face of the power bank onto the back of your magnetic case. Once done, your iPhone should have started charging.

Both the Mini battery pack and Pro battery pack can deliver 15W wireless fast charging. These battery packs also have cable charging which can deliver 20W wired fast charging. The Mini battery pack is smaller and slimmer than an iPhone 8. It makes it very convenient to have a power bank that is tiny and can do so much. The Pro battery pack though bulkier is still very light in weight. So light that it's lighter than an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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