How does a magnetic wireless charger work?

How does a magnetic wireless charger work?

Technology has been far advancing in the recent years. Mobile phones are being able to process more information and having larger battery capacity while maintaining the same size. In 2021 the iPhone 13 series came out introducing some new features but maintaining most old ones. One of the old features is Magsafe wireless charging which it inherited from the iPhone 12 series.

Magsafe charger Iphone 13

Back in 2020, the iPhone 12 Magsafe release sparked interest on the topic of magnetic wireless chargers. This lead to lots of third party manufacturers creating accessories with this feature. Some of these accessories were the magnetic wireless charging pads, magnetic wireless car phone mounts, and magnetic wireless power banks. With the rise in sales of these sorts of devices there are now a lot of people wondering how a magnetic wireless charger works. Also there even more people wondering how to use a magnetic wireless charger on their Android phones such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Lenovo, and Motorola phones.

The saaviness of knowing how magnetic wireless chargers work isn't reserved only for the tech geeks. This knowledge is general and something everyone would eventually understand.

Magnetic wireless charger work power bank

The two main things that make a magnetic wireless charger distinct from other chargers are magnets and wireless charging. The Pro battery pack is a magnetic wireless power bank. It is able to wirelessly charge your phone simply by placing it's front to the back of your phone. It magnetically sticks to any phone that has a magnets on the back. 

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 phones already have magnets inside them so the Pro battery pack sticks to them without any extra accessory. 

Magnetic sticker

With other wireless charging phones without magnets, you'll have to attach a magnetic sticker to them. Magnetic stickers are the way of making any phone magnetic. They mostly come in black or silver color and are peeled before you stick them on. If you have any older wireless charging iPhone like iPhone 11, iPhone X, and iPhone 8 then you can stick the magnetic sticker on them to make them magnetic for magnetic wireless chargers. If you have a wireless charging Samsung Galaxy phone then the same applies.

Here are some basic steps on using a magnetic wireless chargers

Steps to use a magnetic wireless power bank portable

How to use a magnetic wireless power bank

Step 1: Get any wireless charging phone and turn it over with the screen facing down.

Step 2: Stick a magnetic sticker to the back of the phone. If the phone is an iPhone 12 or 13, then skip this step.

Step 3: Carry your magnetic wireless power bank and place the charging face on top of the phone. The magnetic wireless charger should now be magnetically attached to the phone. 

Step 4: Check your phone screen for the charging notification. If it's charging the you have successfully used a magnetic wireless charger.

Wireless magnetic car phone holder mount

How to use a magnetic wireless phone holder

Step 1: Mount the magnetic wireless phone holder on any surface that is suitable. Some are designed to be mounted on the dashboard or air vent of your car.

Step 2: Get a wireless charging phone.

Step 3: Get a magnetic sticker and stick it on to the back of the phone. If the phone is an iPhone 12 or 13, then skip this step.

Step 4: Place the back of your phone on wireless charging surface of the magnetic wireless phone holder. 

Step 5: Wait to see if your phone starts getting charged.


Currently the magnetic wireless phone holders and magnetic wireless power bank are the most famous magnetic wireless chargers. It is possible that with more innovation a new type of magnetic wireless charger might be made.


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