How do you use a power bank wireless charger

How do you use a power bank wireless charger

You've noticed that recently, wireless charging has become very popular. Your friends are showing off their latest magsafe wireless chargers with iPhone 12's. But a newer trend arising is the wireless charging portable charger. A product that people didn't expect but once it came out you realize it's an obvious use for wireless charging. Who needs messy cables right? Battery packs are already designed to be portable, but once you remove the cables, this takes them to the next level. So how do you use a power bank wireless charger?

How to use a power bank wireless charger on wireless charging phones

Buy now use a power bank wireless charger

First of all, you need to have a good portable charger. For this example, we will use the PRO Magsafe wireless battery pack. Also, you need to make sure your phone is capable of wireless charging. Just type in the name of your phone on google as ask if it has wireless charging. Once you have both a wireless charging phone and a wireless portable charger, you are ready to start.

STEP 1: Turn on the PRO battery pack pressing the button and you'll see lights appear. These lights indicate how much battery the battery pack has.

STEP 2: Place the PRO battery pack on the back of your phone. You can easily do this because, unlike other bulky wireless battery packs, this one is almost half the size of smartphones.

How to use a power bank wireless charger on non-wireless charging phones

The battery pack Charging itself

All hope isn't lost if you find out your phone doesn't have wireless charging. The PRO battery pack can charge with a cable just like ordinary portable chargers. This is what to do

STEP 1: Get a USB Type-C connector and connect it to your phone.

STEP 2: Stick the other end into the PRO battery pack and it will instantly start charging your phone. The lights will indicate this.

So how great is that? We can charge with both wired and wireless. This means that you can charge two phones at once. Just know that the wireless output delivers 15W fast charging while the wired output delivers 20W fast charging. So the cable charging will be overall faster.

How to use a power bank wireless charger on tablets

As of writing this blog post, most tablets in the world aren't capable of wireless charging. This will soon change. For now, though, it's highly likely that your tablet can only do wired charging, so follow these steps.

STEP 1: Get your USB Type-C connector and plug it into your tablet. If your tablet uses a micro USB port then get a Micro to Type-C connector and plug the micro part into your tablet.

STEP 2: Now plug the type-C part into the PRO battery pack and watch it charge your tablet fully.

And it will charge your tablet from 0% to 100% because unlike others, the PRO battery pack has up to 10,000 mAh. This is an absolute must for charging tablets because a 5,000 mAh battery pack does not have enough juice to charge a tablet.

How to use a power bank wireless charger on Laptops

Just like with tablets, most laptops in the world do not have wireless charging. So you will have to make do with the cable

STEP 1: Make sure to get the right USB connector. If your laptop uses type A, then get a Type A to Type C cable

STEP 2: Plug the Type A part into your laptop

STEP 3: Carry the PRO battery pack and plug the Type C part of the cable into it.

What makes this battery pack so convenient is that it's multipurpose. You can charge your laptop through the cable and wirelessly charge your phone at the same time.

How to charge a power bank wireless charger

Now it's time to charge your charger.

STEP 1: Get a charging brick with a USB type Cable

STEP 2: Plug the brick into any socket and connect the type C cable to it.

STEP 3: Plug the cable into your PRO battery pack and watch it light up. This means your refueling its juice.

You may be wondering if it's the same port that's being used. Well, yes it is. The PRO battery pack has only one port on it, and this is a USB Type C port. This port is used as both power input and output. The input is at 15W fast charging.

Those are all the steps on how to properly use a power bank wireless charger. It's the best wireless battery pack out there. Get one for yourself.

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